Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Getting back to it.

So since I slept through it last night and didn't have time to go before I would lose the car, I'm going to do yesterday's workout today and tomorrow's workout tomorrow (how novel of me.)

Monday May 30th Dynamic Warmup #1
Upper Body Exercise
Push Ups
Slow on the way down EXPLODE UP
Dumbbell Hammer Curl to Press
Slow constant movement
Inverted Row
Toes up as you pull up!
Physioball Dumbbell Bench
Squeeze pectorals and push arms up
Lateral/Linear Movement
 1 – 2 Stick
Get steps down first then speed up
Kneeling Lateral Start
Sprint to half court FOCUS ON FAST START
Mountain Climber Sprints
To half court
Lean Fall Run Forwards
Focus on explosive 1st step RUN TO HALFCOURT
Running Exercise
Record Time
1/4 mile run (No alternatives! MUST RUN)

Upper Body
Let's see where to begin? Pushups are no problem, neither are the hammer curls. The inverted rows will be scary, but I also need to find a place to do them, there aren't proper benches at planet fitness. There aren't physioballs either, so I will have to modify the dumbbell benches. I'm thinking have myself hanging off the bench more than normal to simulate the balance act of the physioball. 

Linear/Lateral Movement
Once again, I don't have an open court to do these in, so I will probably do them out in the parking lot or something and hopefully not get raped. 1-2 sticks looks easy enough once you get the steps down, I can see the benefit of this in shot and disc and I'm kinda looking forward to this. The lean fall run forwards also look pretty straight forward. Kneeling lateral starts looks painful and scary. The mountain climber sprints look okay, I have always hated mountain climbers so I'm sure I'll love these. 

Second Weigh In 5/30

I'm of course a little disappointed with this weeks weigh in. I maintained. How awful and not fun of me. I wish I hadn't, but in reality, I ate kind of shitty again over the weekend. Weekends are just the worst when it comes to going out to eat and that sort of thing. I enjoyed some terrible/high sugar alcohol with Homeschool, I went out to dinner with a group of UML graduates. However, I did by some miracle, eat really well at Chipolte after a shopping trip.

I've been having trouble making it to the gym the last couple of days, mostly because it has been closing at awkward times and reopening at awkward times. I was going to go sunday night, but they closed at nine and I didn't know they closed at nine. Today they were open from 7-7 and I didn't have a car to get there until about 3, but I was babysitting until well past 7.Tonight, I just overslept past the 12 am re-open and now my mom is leaving for work in less than an hour.

So I guess I have myself to blame. Tonight I'll go and do a combination of Sunday and Monday's workout, and start fresher on Wednesday.

Start - 291
Week 1 - 285
Week 2 - 285
Total Weight Loss - 6 lbs.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


There hasn't been much going on lately, which is what I'm blaming for a lack of exciting posts.

Did my track workouts, ate under 2000/1500 calories and 18 carbs, melted in this extreme heat that has taken over my room. It's all very very thrilling and makes for excellent blogging.

The greatest issue I've had for the last few days is not feeling hungry. I know what you are thinking, how is that a problem. Yesterday, I only ate 500 calories in the first 8 hours I was awake and frankly, I wasn't hungry for lunch or dinner. I barely ate more than 1000 and 15 carbs calories for the day and the goal was 1500.

The thing is, I don't feel like I'm not eating much though. I feel like what I'm eating is way more calories/carbs than I'm letting on or I've just figured out the secret to feeling full. I've been eating sausage omelets when I get back from working out, my "dinner" which keep me full until I finally get to bed usually 4 or 5 hours later. These come out to about 600 or so calories and about 6 carbs. I count every calorie and shred of a carb. 

I decided to skip out on the supplemental workout last night, I was too tired and sore from the previous 4 days and I needed a day off. Tonight I will return to the gym, before we have a real day off on friday. We have been given next weeks workout too.

Nothing about these is particularly scary, I've never done a pull-up, and I hate cleans and jerks but the worst is probably the suicides. Of course, Planet Fitness (which is slowly failing me) doesn't have an open gym or basketball courts so I'll have to find somewhere else to go. I'm sure I'll find something to make it work. Oh and thanks to my coach for putting them in a nice little table. 

Sunday May 29th Dynamic Warmup #1
Core Exercise Sets Reps %/Weight Notes
Plate Series 4 6 N/A Slower the better
Front Plank Up Downs 4 6 N/A SLOW and Head up
Side Plank 4 6 N/A Hold 5 seconds each Rep
Weighted Front Plank 4 6 25lbs Hold 20 seconds each Rep
Explosive Exercise Sets Reps %/Weight Notes
Continuous Squat Jumps 4 12 Bar Rest 60-90 secs between sets
Dumbbell Power Row 4 6 80%
Hang Clean 4 6 80%
Hang Shrugs 4 6 80% NO BACK INVOLVEMENT
Running Exercise Record Time (s)
1/4 mile run x 2 (No alternatives! MUST RUN)

Monday May 30th Dynamic Warmup #1
Upper Body Exercise Sets Reps %/Weight Notes
Push Ups 4 16 N/A Slow on the way down EXPLODE UP
Dumbbell Hammer Curl to Press 4 6 80% Slow constant movement
Inverted Row 4 6 N/A Toes up as you pull up!
Physioball Dumbbell Bench 4 6 80% Squeeze pectorals and push arms up
Lateral/Linear Movement Sets Reps %/Weight Notes
 1 – 2 Stick 2 12 N/A Get steps down first then speed up
Kneeling Lateral Start 2 12 N/A Sprint to half court FOCUS ON FAST START
Mountain Climber Sprints 2 12 N/A To half court
Lean Fall Run Forwards 2 12 N/A Focus on explosive 1st step RUN TO HALFCOURT
Running Exercise Record Time
1/4 mile run (No alternatives! MUST RUN)

Wednesday June 1st –
Dynamic Warmup #2
Core Exercises Sets Reps %/Weight Notes
Front Plank Around the World 4 6 N/A Start with dominant side arm
Front Plank Leg Lifts 4 6 N/A
Plank Position Plate Switches 4 6 5 lb plates 2 sets place weights close by/ 2 sets reach arms length away
Cable Front Plank Row 4 8 50% Pull Fast/Release slow
Explosive Exercise Sets Reps %/Weight Notes
Clean Jerk 4 6 80%
Power Clean 4 6 80%
Push Press 4 6 80%
Explosive Pull-ups 1 To fail N/A Keep going until you can’t anymore
Lower Body Exercise Sets Reps %/Weight Notes
Sumo Deadlift 4 6 80%
Box Squat 4 6 80% Lower the box on last two sets
Rack Pulls 4 6 80% Like a Deadlift but more legs/pelvic thrust
Dumbbell Walking Lunges 2 Length of Court N/A Get your knee down to the floor!
Running Exercise Notes
Bike 16 Minutes Increase Speed Every 4 Minutes

Friday June 3rd –
Dynamic Warmup #2
Upper Body Exercises Sets Reps %/Weight Notes
Incline Bench 4 6 80%
Renegade Row 4 6 10-15lb Dumbbell Start with dominant side arm
Feet Elevated Inverted Row 4 6 N/A Hardest thing on this workout!
Bar bent over row (palms down) 4 6 80%
Neutral grip pullup 1 To fail N/A Keep going til you fail…
Running Exercise Notes
Bike 30 mins Slow and easy
Suicides 6 Full court suicides

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

First Weigh In 5/23

First Weigh in results.

So, because the first week was a little washy as to what the starting weight was, I'm going to go with the 291 as a starting weight. It's the most "official" weight since I got it at the doctors office.

Now that I have that all squared away, it's on to the nitty gritty.

I weighed myself at 11 am this morning, as soon as I was awake. I weighed... drumroll please!

285, a loss of 6 pounds. 

Not bad for a start considering how terribly I ate on saturday!

Start - 291
Week 1 - 285
Total Weight Loss - 6 lbs.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A slight derailing.

Saturday was of course, an amazing day. I got to spend it with my best friend, her amazing fiance (who is probably my new best friend) and her wonderful family. Of course, because this was such a joyous, celebratory day, I decided to not be "that guy." I ate what I wanted to, I won't deny it. I enjoyed half of a sub regular quiznos sub for lunch after graduation. We hung around for a while, before heading to Boston for dinner. We had dinner at a place in the North End called Cantina Italiana, I had bread, appetizers consisting of friend calamari and caprese, Cesar salad and for dinner, baked gnocchi in a gorgonzola sauce.  for desert, I had a hazelnut cannoli from Mike's Pastry, my absolute favorite kind of cannoli.

Following our  venture into Boston, Jimmie, Homeschool and I went to 313 in Manchester. We watched some drag queens, played some pool and danced. Some friends of mine from Keene were there, so I did actually dance, lord knows Homeschool and I are not the kind of friends who dance together. I love her anyway though. I had a few drinks which I know are not diet friendly, but it was still in the spirit of the night.

While eating whatever I wanted sure was fun, I felt terrible mentally and physically after I ate it. I felt guilty for eating so badly, it just made me feel very blah. I felt sick for most of the afternoon, and into today. I was gaggy, bloated and I had no appetite for most of today.

I went out to the movies at Chunky's tonight and had a salad, which I'm sure was high carb and high calorie.

If I have learned ANYTHING the past two days, it's don't eat out when you are dieting. It's just bad news bears.

Since the gym was right there, I started this week's workout right after the movie.

Week 3 (Sunday May 22nd - Saturday May 28th)
-          Warm up #1
-          Run – two (2) mile runs with slight cool down RECORD TIME
Slight cool down means don’t hang around long enough to actually drop your heart rate completely back to normal. Keep walking around elevate your hands over your head and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. This should not last more than 60-90 seconds.
-          Upper Body Plyometrics – (Day 1) – Same Med Ball Weight as last week
1)      Kneeling Med Ball Chest Throws 3 x 8
2)      Kneeling Overhead Med Ball Throws 3 x 8
3)      Kneeling Med Ball Side Throws 3 x 8
-          Upper Body Lift – Increase Weight 10-15%
1)      Incline Dumbbell Press 3 x 8
2)      Dumbbell Flys 3 x 8
3)      Cable Crossovers 3 x 4

This week went pretty well outside of the running. I've lost a lot of muscle since I was last lifting regularly, which was a little disapointing, but I'm very confident I'll get it back in no time. I broke up the running once again, because my knees still aren't up to par and because I suck. Once I get a car to drive during the day (we're down to one again) I'll be able to start going to physical therapy. I did 1 mile run, 1 mile on the elliptical and a half-hour bike ride keeping my heart rate above 180. 

First weigh in is tomorrow. If it's as bad as I'm thinking, it will hopefully only drive me further to stick to the diet. I know I'm not eating out again anytime soon.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Today was ruined and also fun.

So I went out on a shopping excursion for fancy clothes (which I don't even need to wear!) for Homeschool's graduation. I hadn't eaten all day, so by the time we sat down for lunch, I was particularly ravenous.

I also wasn't feeling very good, which was a combination of actually not feeling well and being very hungry, because I felt a little better after eating. After working out last night, I was forced to stop on the way home and get Diet Ginger Ale to try and settle my stomach. I honestly think it was that amazing salad I had made, which is really depressing.

I decided to order something new, which sounded like it wouldn't be too awful for me. This of course wasn't really the case. I had no idea that refried beans had that many carbs so I regret eating those. I was just really that hungry. I didn't eat the rice, nor did I eat any of the chips and salsa they left at the table. The thing on the side is a Chile Autentico, a stuffed pepper with cheese and pulled beef. I was literally so hungry I didn't care.

I'm pretty sure that the meal was a million carbs and a million calories.I won't lie, it was delicious.

Tomorrow's lunch will probably be no better since I'm going to an Italian place in Boston's north end. I'm thinking I'll have some sort of salad or hunk of meat.

Oh! And before I forget, I got a call from my doctor, all of my bloodwork came back normal.  My blood pressure is normal, as is my cholesterol. I'm actually pretty healthy for a fatty. Take that!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Now You're Cooking with Gas!

I have had a request from a friend and family to put up some of the foods that I am eating, I thought I would oblidge because it frankly sounded like a fantastic idea and I had been planning to do that anyway.

I have only hit over 2000 calories once (2015) and that was the same day that I hit 20 carbs for the day. Most days I stay in under the goals with relative ease, what kills me is snacking (or trying to snack) and condiments. This is another topic for another day unfortunately.

So far, a whopping 4 days that is, I have pretty much eaten a variety of 7 or 8 different things. Mostly eggs, chicken, fish (I don't even usually like this), ham, cream cheese, cheese, broccoli and squash. I'm still kind of new at this diet thing, so I'm trying to figure out what other foods that are both low carb and lower calorie in nature. From what I've figured out, as long as everything is in moderation and pretty plain, most meats, cheeses and some vegetables fit the bill nicely. I'm currently trying to come up with more vegetables that I can eat I've come across a few, which is good.

The day I went over calories I ate the following: (for some reason they don't add up, but whatever)
                                                Carbs           Calories
4 sausage links -                           3                  250
3 Eggs (scrambled, no milk) -       0                  300
6 Slice Ham -                               0                  350
2l5 oz Cream Cheese                   5                  175
1 cup Chicken                              3                  300
1 cup squash                                8                  100
1 tbs butter                                  0                  100
30 Peperoni Slices                       0                  300
1 cheese stick                              1                   80
2 water flavor packets                  0                   20
2 Bottles of Water                        0                     0
1 Can Vanilla Coke Zero              0                     0

I usually eat 2 or 3 small meals and 2 or 3 even smaller meals. You may notice a soda up there, which I have been unsuccessfully trying to cut out of my life for years. I figure one can a day won't kill me, especially if there is nothing but water and flavored water to drink.

If there is no soda or flavor packets for me to enjoy, I am forced to drink plain water. Which I don't really like. This is my fourth bottle today. 

I've been trying to create and design meals that are a little more exciting and a little less plain. Today I started that off on the right foot, and had a salad for dinner.

The salad consists of a lot of things I would have put into it before, just less exciting.  It's a less exciting version of a buffalo chicken salad!
                                                Carbs           Calories

2.5 cups Salad-                            2                    10
2 cheese sticks -                           2                  140
4 oz chicken  -                             4                   100
4 tbs Blue Cheese dressing           4                   600
1 tbs hot sauce                             0                      0

This meal was actually pretty light for a dinner, usually vegetables eat up most of my carbs, this was really spread out between things. The dressing was really a splurge, in both carbs and especially in calories. unfortunately, low calorie things are generally higher in carbs, so I am choosing the higher calorie count over the higher carb count. 

Basicly, my philosophy is to eat everything as bland as possible, and to religiously read labels and make sure the food is relatively accurately measured. I always err on the side of caution when estimating the calories and carbs in my foods, that way I'm never drastically over what I have written. For things that don't have labels I look all over the internet, kinda just plug it into Google and give the best estimate based on the results.

Tomorrow's post should be interesting, I'm going out for lunch for the first time since I started the diet, same with Saturday night. It will be a challenge that's for sure since I'm going out for Mexican tomorrow and Italian on Saturday. I'll be sure to carefully document what I eat, and I hopefully won't go too crazy. I'm a little nervous. I wish this was later in the diet so I could take a cheat day, but this is back to back not even a day apart.

p.s. I'm aware the lists are messed up. I'll figure out how to work it out eventually I hope. If anyone has some tips let me know.

Happy Eating!